In the Scriptures, mountains are places where God descends to meet his people. On these points between heaven and earth, the Lord made himself known to Abraham and Moses. There, He revealed himself as supreme over the Canaanites, over Baal, and over death itself.


On this tour, we will trace the footsteps of several Old Testament figures. We will cross the same valleys and ascend the same mountains—and as we do we’ll gain a wide, panoramic view of God’s work in history, and a deeper appreciation of God’s story of redemption from Abraham to Christ, and to us.


From these vantage points we will reflect on the journey behind—how God brought us where we are—, and look forward to the journey ahead—how He will lead and accompany us in what’s to come.


This tour is an expanded, live-action experience of the Walk Thru the Bible otPANORAMIC video course. We will journey along the path of God’s people, stopping on the summit of seven key mountains in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. In addition to the Old Testament story, we’ll spend a day on and around the Sea of Galilee as well as explore Bethlehem and the Mount of Olives.


From Isaac’s sacrifice, to Elijah’s showdown, to Moses’ view of the Promised Land… this is an adventure you don't want to miss.



After walking through the narrow gorge (called the Siq) with its towering walls, you’ll be awed by the beauty and engineering of Petra, the ancient city carved out of living stone.

Hidden for centuries and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this was a major Nabatean city of the Roman province of Arabia and the heartland of the kingdom of Edom.

It was also visited by a famous professor and archaeologist, Indiana Jones (in The Last Crusade).


Jericho was the first conquest of the Promised Land and later home of Zacchaeus.

This oasis town between the Jordan river and Jerusalem plays heavily in the Old and New Testament accounts.

It’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities, dating from before the Stone Age.



Jerusalem, the “Holy City”! We’ll walk in the City of David to Hezekiah’s tunnel and the Pool of Siloam.

We’ll go up the Temple Mount, where once stood Solomon’ Temple—and where, centuries earlier, Abraham presented Isaac to be sacrificed.

We will cover New Testament Jerusalem as well, from the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane, to Golgotha and the Garden Tomb.



We’ll climb high up on Mount Carmel, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jezreel Valley, where the prophets of Baal met their demise.

Looking over the valley of Armageddon, we’re reminded of God’s power over all the nations and false gods.


In the middle of our trip, we’ll rest from our journey in Galilee.

We’ll visit Capernaum (Jesus’ “headquarters”), the mount of Beatitudes, and Magdala (home of Mary Magdalene).

We’ll also sail on the Sea of Galilee on the very waters that Jesus walked and calmed by His word.


Towering over the wilderness, Mount Sinai is the traditional spot of the giving of the Law.

Located in modern-day Egypt, it has been a place of pilgrimage since the days of Elijah.

We will visit the fourth-century monastery of Saint-Catherine’s that sits at its base, which library contains some of the oldest Bible manuscripts and earliest representations of Jesus. It’ll be a long day, but will start and end with you relaxing on the shore of the Red Sea.