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Day 6 - Wed, March 3

      Judea/             The Wilderness

      Dead               Journey down the old Jericho Road with a short stop in the
                         Judean wilderness and reflect on the ‘Good Samaritan’ story.
      Sea/               The Dead Sea
                         Stop by the shores with opportunity to float in the unique
      Samaria            waters.
                         The Jordan River
      Dinner & Overnight   To the banks at Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan where John
      by Galilee         baptized.
                         Jericho Oasis
                         Into the oasis town to examine the fallen walls, its natural spring
                         and the town’s sycamore trees.
                         Into the hills of Samaria and the valley between Mounts
                         Gerazim and Ebal. Stop and visit Jacob’s Well at Sychar with
                         opportunity to draw water from the 135 foot well.
                         The Jordan Valley
                         North by Gilead and Gilboa to the shores of the Sea of Galilee
                         and the hotel.

       Day 7 - Thu, March 4

      Gospel             The ‘Peace View’

      Galilee            Ascend the Golan to this location overlooking the Sea of
                         Galilee where the full circumference of the Lake and its ‘harp-
                         shape’ can be seen.
      Dinner & Overnight   Chorazim
      by Galilee         On to the northern hills and the city site with its impressive
                         remains of the Synagogue and ‘Seat of Moses’.
                         Down to the center of Jesus’ Galilean ministry with extensive
                         excavations reflecting seaside life in Gospel days.
                         Mount of Beatitudes
                         Up to the mount overlooking the sea where Jesus taught.
                         The Seashore
                         Stand on the lake beach in the traditional area where Jesus
                         made breakfast for the disciples and restored Peter.
                         Sailing Galilee
                         From a dock near Magdala, sail in a private wooden boat
                         of the kind that the disciples used, stopping mid-way for a
                         demonstration of old fishing techniques.
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