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Outward Flight

                                           Flight Data
                                           Flying time approximately 16 hrs.
                                           Flight distance approximately
                                           7,350 nautical miles.
                                           Cruise height approximately
                                           36,000 feet.


                                            The city of Mount Moriah, Mount Zion
                                            and the Mount of Olives, spanning
                                            history from the 11th century BC.
                                            Currently hosting eight gates and four
                                            quarters within 3.5 miles of Old City


                                            City of David
                                            It began as Salem, of which
                                            Melchizedek was King and Priest.
                                            Then as Jebus before David con-
                                            quered the city to make it his capital
                                            as Jerusalem.
                                            Kings, Prophets and Priests of Judea
                                            lived on its slopes as witnessed by
                                            the Gihon, Ein Rogel springs and the
                                            Tombs in the Kidron Valley on the
                                            eastern slopes of the city.
                                            Continuing excavations regularly
                                            expose biblical artefacts from this
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