Islands & Ports


Paul and John


  • Highlights
  • Climbing Paul’s Mars Hill in Athens
  • Addressing the Bema seat at Corinth
  • Walking the shoreline at Phoebe’s Cenchreae
  • Relaxing and sailing the blue Aegean sea
  • Strolling through Paul’s Thessalonica
  • Standing by Lydia’s River at Philippi
  • Sailing through the impressive Dardanelles Straights
  • Visiting the impressive sites of Constantinople
  • Sitting in the great theatre at Pergamos
  • Ambling the streets of mighty Ephesus
  • Exploring the caves John at Patmos
  • Encountering the quaint island of Syros

 12 DAYS October 26, November 6, 2018

Itinerary and Program

DAY 1. October, Friday 26th

Flight departure to Athens.


DAY 2. October, Saturday 27th

Athens Arrival

On arrival, travel by private coach to the hotel for room allocation.

Dinner & Overnight

In Corinth




DAY 3. October, Sunday 28th

Depart the hotel after breakfast by coach to visit -

Ancient Corinth

The Gentile port of the Isthmus associated with Paul, Aquila and Priscilla

- extensive excavations reveal something of this major sea port in Gospel days with the 'Bema' seat still in place.

The Corinth Canal

One of the 'seven wonders' of the Modern world” - opportunity to sail through in a private chartered boat.


The Jewish port of the Mediterranean where Paul shaved his head having taken a vow and where Phoebe was a “servant of the church”.

Dinner & Overnight

In Corinth


DAY 4. October, Monday 29th

The day by coach -

Mars Hill

The rocky hill where Paul defended the Gospel before the city rulers.

The Acropolis

Stunning Greek architecture dominating the city.

Lavrio Port

East to Cape Sounion to board the Cruise Ship.

  • Lunch on board.
  • Ship sails in the afternoon.

Overnight on board Cruise Ship


DAY 5. October, Tuesday 30th

  • Ship docks in Thessalonica in the morning.

Disembark for a coach journey visiting...


Stop by the Walls of the old city; visit Jason’s House, where Paul lived; the Agora where he preached.


Continue to Veria (ancient Berea) to the memorial commemorating Paul’s preaching to the local Jews in 54 AD.

  • Ship sails in the evening.

Overnight on board Cruise Ship


DAY 6. October, Wednesday 31st

  • Ship docks in Neapolis in the morning.

Disembarkfor a coach journey stopping at;


This is the ancient Neapolis the port where Paul, Timothy and Silas landed after receiving the 'Macedonian Call'.


The city where Paul lived, preached and was imprisoned.

Time by the river where Lydia was converted and baptised.

  • Return to ship for lunch.
  • Ship sails in the afternoon.

Overnight on board Cruise Ship




DAY 7. November, Thursday 1st

Depart the ship by coach visiting;

St. Sofia

Built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. For nearly one thousand years, this was the largest cathedral in the world.

The Blue Mosque

A fine example of classical Ottomon architecture - an empire that ruled for six hundred years.

The Basilica Cisterns

The largest of several hundred that lie beneath the city - cathedral size, classical music and illuminated.

The Galata Tower

Built in 1348 and once the tallest building. The observation deck affords

magnificent views of Istanbul and the Bosporus river.

Bet Israel Synagogue

A visit to the center of the city’s Jewish life.

The Bazaars/Markets

Some free time to catch the 'bargain of the day'.

Evening sail through the impressive Dardanelles.

Overnight on board Cruise Ship


DAY 8. November, Friday 2nd

  • Ship docks in Dikili in the morning.

Disembark for a coach journey visiting...


By coach from Dikili port to this great biblical city, Pergamum of Revelation. On the Acropolis the huge base of the Altar of Zeus still standing which was probably the ‘throne of Satan’ referred to by John.

Close by is the Temple of Athena, Hadrian’s monument to Trojan and the impressive Library for which parchment was invented.

The 10,000 seat theatre built into the hillside has perfect acoustics.

  • Ship sails in the evening.

Overnight on board Cruise Ship


DAY 9. November, Saturday 3rd

  • Ship docks in Kusadasi for departure by coach


Perhaps the most impressive archeological site in Turkey, the ancient

Greek Biblical City which, according to writers of antiquity, was founded

around 3000 B.C. Walk the marble-paved streets, see two theatres, the Library of Celsus and location of the Temple of Diana/Artemis.

Then sit in the great Amphitheatre where Paul addressed the Ephesians.


South by coach to this great Ionian port close to the mouth of the River

Meander and the birthplace of several philosophers and sages.

See the location where Paul delivered his dramatic seaside farewell address

to the elders of Ephesus before sailing to Jerusalem.

Overnight on board Cruise Ship.





DAY 10. November, Sunday 4th

  • Ship docks in Patmos in the morning.

Disembark for a visit on the Island...


The small isolated island where the apocalyptic book of Revelation was written by John during his exile.

On the summit of the Island’s hill is 'the cave of John' and probably his residence during his last days. Then enjoy some leisure time in the village port.

  • Return to ship for Lunch.
  • Ship sails at midday.


  • Ship docks with leisure time in one of Greece’s smallest and most enchanting islands.
  • Ship sails in the evening.

Overnight on board Cruise Ship


DAY 11. November, Monday 5th

  • Ship docks in the morning for disembarkation.

By coach for most of the day.

Cape Sounion

A drive to the southern tip and winding along the west coast by the quaint ports and harbors.

Athens Roman Forum

The bustling commercial center in St. Paul’s day.

The Plakka

Old Athens with its cafés, shops, and squares.

Athens Orientation

Viewing city historic buildings and highlights.

Dinner & Overnight in Athens.



DAY 12. November, Tuesday 6th

Return Flight

After breakfast, travel to Athens airport for the return flight.

Arriving back in the USA later afternoon.