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Jezreel Valley

                                                                                   Nazareth Village

                                                                                   Re-established by archaeologists on the site
                                                                                   of a previous 1st century settlement using the
                                                                                   same materials and techniques.

                                                                                   With many functioning reconstructions,
                                                                                   this ‘living museum’ gives helpful insights
                                                                                   into village and rural life in the 1st century
                                                                                   Gospel period.

                                                                                                       The Via Maris

                                                                                  Caesarea Maritima

                                                                                  Originally a small Phoenician harbor rebuilt
                                                                                  by Herod the Great as the provincial capital
                                                                                  of Roman Judea and the main port for the
                                                                                  export and import of goods and people.
                                                                                  Philip, Peter, Agabus, Paul and Cornelius
                                                                                  all spent time in the city which has a unique
                                                                                  inscription to Pilate.

                                                                                                         Return Flight
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