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                                                                                 The Herodium
                                                                                 One of Herod the Greats fortresses and
                                                                                 palaces located in the Judean desert east of
                                                                                 Bethlehem that dwarfed the village in Gospel
                                                                                 Shepherds would have heard the sounds of
                                                                                 the fortress inhabitants drifting across the still
                                                                                 evening air only to be blotted out suddenly by
                                                                                 the Heavenly Hosts announcing the birth of the


                                                                                  Temple Steps

                                                                                  On the southern Temple walls, the original
                                                                                  stone steps are preserved. One flight for
                                                                                  entry and one flight for exit with varying
                                                                                  size of steps to ensure safe movement of vast
                                                                                  crowds during feast periods.
                                                                                  Jesus would have walked these steps
                                                                                  frequently and entered through the Temple
                                                                                  Gates by the money changers.

       The recent excavations possibly solved a mystery of many years as to where the baptism of some 3000 people took place on the day of
       Pentecost. The many Mikveh Baths unearthed by the steps is a probable location.
       Of note is a 1968 discovery below the Temple Mount, of a 1st century A.D. large basalt stone with the Hebrew inscription “To the Trumpeting
       Place.” Its original location above the highest point on the southwest wall is considered to be, the ‘Pinnacle of the Temple’ where the Priests
       trumpeted to announce the Sabbath and feasts.
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