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Day 4 - Mon,November 7

          Gospel                     The Jerusalem Model
          Journey                    Located in the Israel Museum grounds and built on a scale of 1:50 from the Herodion period – very
                                     helpful prior to visiting the actual locales.

          Dinner & Overnight         The Herodium
          in Jerusalem
                                     Into the desert to stop at King Herod’s fortress and palace that dwarfed Bethlehem in Gospel days and
                                     where he was buried.

                                     Shepherds Fields Region
                                     Stop to reflect on Ruth, the Wise Men, Angels, Shepherds, and the birth of Christ.

                                     Bethlehem Town
                                     Into Manger Square with its ancient church built over cave dwellings from antiquity.

                                     The Mount of Olives
                                     To the summit for its unique panorama of Jerusalem and hear of its great history. Walk down the Palm
                                     Sunday Path to spend time in the Garden of Gethsemane for reflection.

        Day 5 - Tue, November 8

        New                          The Pools of Bethesda

        Testament                    Into the Old City through the Damascus Gate to see the location where the cripple was healed.

        Jerusalem                    The Judgement Hall (Gabbatha)
                                     Located underground where Christ was tried by Pilate.
        Dinner & Overnight
        in Jerusalem
                                     Way of the Cross
                                     Follow sections of the route through the narrow streets to the traditional location of Calvary at the
                                     Holy Sepulchre Church.

                                     The Last Supper
                                     Walk through the Old City Christian/Jewish quarters to Mount Zion and visit the Room of the Last
                                     Supper above King David’s Tomb.

                                     Palace of Caiaphas
                                     On to the nearby location where Jesus was tried under Jewish Law. See the underground cave
                                     prisons and ancient Hasmonean stone steps leading from/to Gethsemane.

                                     Southern Temple Walls
                                     Down to the Dung Gate to see the Temple Gates, Mikveh Baths, Rabbinical Teaching steps and
                                     location of the Temple Pinnacle - an area often visited by Jesus.

                                     The Garden Tomb
                                     Outside the city gates with its first century rolling-stone tomb and ‘Gordon’s Calvary’ nearby.
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