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Outward Flight

                                                                   Flight Data
                                                                   Flying time approximately 16 hrs.
                                                                   Flight distance approximately 7,350 nautical miles.
                                                                   Cruise height approximately 36,000 feet.


                                                                 Since the 11th century BC, the city continues to expand around Mount
                                                                 Moriah, Mount Zion, and the Mount of Olives. The Old City, contained
                                                                 with the 3.5 miles of the city walls, is divided into four quarters: Jewish,
                                                                 Muslim, Armenian, and Christian.
                                                                 In 2017 the population of the Old City was
                                                                 37,000 people. Most of the people live
                                                                 in the Muslim and Christian quarters.
                                                                 There are seven open gates into the
                                                                 Old City. The Golden Gate on the
                                                                 Temple Mount was sealed in

                                                                City of David
                                                                In the days of Abraham, it was
                                                                known as Salem. The king and
                                                                priest of Salem Melchizedek,
                                                                blesses Abraham and Abraham
                                                                gives him a tenth of his wealth.
                                                                King David established his capital
                                                                here after conquering the Canaanite
                                                                fortress of Jebus on this hill adjacent to the Temple Mount but outside
                                                                today’s Old City.

                                                                Kings, Prophets and Priests of Judea lived on its slopes as witnessed by
                                                                the Gihon, Ein Rogel springs and the Tombs in the Kidron Valley on the
                                                                eastern slopes of the city.

                                                                Continuing excavations regularly expose biblical artefacts from both the
                                                                Old and New Testament periods including the locations of Solomon and
                                                                David’ Palace, Hezekiah’s tunnel, Roman streets leading to Mount Zion
                                                                and the Temple and the huge Pool of Siloam.
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