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Day 1 - Fri, November 4

        Atlanta/                    Meet check-in for the flight(s) to Tel Aviv at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport

        Israel                      for the flight to Tel Aviv, Israel.

        Day 2 - Sat, November 5

        Tel Aviv                    Mount Scopus
        Jerusalem                   On arrival Saturday evening, travel by private coach east through the Judean hills to stop for a first
                                    sight of the Old City of Jerusalem from this vantage point.

        Dinner & Overnight          On to the hotel for room allocation and the evening meal.
        in Jerusalem

        Day 3 - Sun, November 6

        Old                         Eastern City Walls
                                    A walk by the Kidron valley and walls of Jerusalem to enter St. Stephen’s gate into the Old City.
        Testament                   Mount Moriah
        Jerusalem                   Walk across the Mount (Temple Mount) where the Jewish Temples stood and Jesus taught and stop by
                                    the sealed ‘Golden Gates’.
        Dinner & Overnight
        in Jerusalem                Western Wall
                                    Time to witness Jewish prayers and traditions and experience the virtual reality presentation of the
                                    second temple from King Herod’s time.

                                    City of David
                                    To the location where Jerusalem began and of Judean Kings, Prophets and Priests. See King David’s
                                    Palace, Hezekiah’s Tunnels, and the Pool of Siloam.
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